This is The Most Deadly AR-15 Modification Yet

Earlier this year, you might remember the slew of memes that followed USA Today’s decision to suggest that chainsaw bayonets were a common modification to the AR-15. The sheer hyperbole of the infographic was simply too much for memers to pass up, and they’ve thankfully continued this hilarious tradition.

This time, we’re taking a jab at the strange decision by some parts of California to make straws illegal — because of the environment, or something…

Excellent decision, liberals. Don’t worry about the hordes of foreign nationals entering your borders with no vetting whatsoever. What’s really going to save the world is making it more difficult for everyone to enjoy a beverage.

For the sake of the midterms, let’s hope the left keeps coming up with ideas like this. Apart from this, all they’ve been telling us about their platform is that they are not, in fact, Donald Trump — which is supposed to be some sort of positive.

~ Facts Not Memes