We’re Not Suggesting It’s the Vaccines But… It’s the Vaccines

The mainstream media is pulling the old Detective Frank Drebin routine when it comes to the shocking number of professional soccer players dropping dead in Europe right now: “Move along, people! Nothing to see here!”

Wouldn’t it seem like a big, newsworthy story to you if 108 of the healthiest young professional athletes in the world suddenly dropped dead in one season? Seems like kind of a big deal. That’s the FIFA death toll so far in 2021, however, and the media seems wildly incurious about mentioning it.

In a typical pro soccer season, there will be roughly 20 athletes that have some sort of cardiac-related health problem on the field. But this year, there’s been a 500% increase in sudden, inexplicable cardiac fatalities on soccer fields in Europe.

Gee, we wonder what could be different about this year compared to all previous years of professional soccer, which could be contributing to this massive spike in unnecessary deaths? Are they all doing cocaine before the games? 

There must be some answer to this incredible phenomenon. Unfortunately, no in the media seems interested in asking questions about it.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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69 thoughts on “We’re Not Suggesting It’s the Vaccines But… It’s the Vaccines”

  1. The media is no longer with us they have been gone for a long time now There surely not journalist they don’t even know what a Journalist is there teleprompter readers. What a shame huh. In fact this is the 1st I even heard of it This is really sorry. The question is what are you gonna do about it You gonna keep pumping that poisoning to your Athletes Whoever told these people they must get a vaccine shot of This poison Should be held accountable for murderer and they need to be Convicted For this anus crime against humanity That is my opinion It will not stop until you hold those accountable For there actions. Stuff hasn’t even been tested So whoever puts it in there arm is only asking for death. At 95%Of the athletes Who had the shot We’ll end up dead at some point Very sad.

    1. I just heard that Medicare/Medicaid will be calling Seniors about not taking shot. I am not answering the phone.

        1. Ive been saying that from the beginning there’s something funny going on with the vax they’re pushing it too hard. They can all go to hell I’ve had Covid and have no intention of getting the shot ever.

        2. And, a note from an 83 year old guy: You have become a useless air breather, food consumer and a drag on the economy /sigh/. Additional note: Old age is not for whimpers. We had to survive too much to get there.

          1. I will be 80 in two months. I had Covid this past fall. Ivermectin and vitamins got me thru it fine. I will never take the experimental injection which is not approved. Just reading the numbers of adverse reactions convince me of that ( see OPENVAERS.COM) .

          2. you, sir are an asset to this country. we of a certain age are the ones who were actually taught MORALS. we weren’t handed everything without lifting a finger to get it. you didn’t work, you were a bum. bums were and still are scorned by us. there is no excuse for not pulling your share of the human load. unless you are desperately ill, or have other affirmities that prevent you from doing so. we knew that lesson well. we didn’t come through the depression, but our parents did. same for ww2. our generation had Vietnam, Korea. they weren’t walks in the park, either. they made us strong, and resilient. self-sufficient. I have no use for the generations that followed. all wanted something for nothing. a participation trophy, no matter how badly you sucked at that “sport”. that generation is the current one responsible for the blm, antifa, and other scams, such as the mass looting of stores. sorry individuals each and every one. of no use to society. too bad they didn’t have to learn by trial and error. they wouldn’t be so stupid. example, more than 2 genders. men in drag, women in butch., I guess their parents depended on the school system to raise their kids. too busy putting that almighty dollar as number one in their lives. sorry, folks, but this country has been on the downhill slide since the Kenyan took office. gave us “WOKE”, and transgender rights, and gay marriages. thanks, moron.

      1. I did. I told them to go F*** themselves. Not personally (I save that for scammers with a foreign accent) but as an organization.

      2. We never needed any vaccine at all. There are two drugs that should have been administered to anyone catching the virus. Hydrochloriquin and Ivermectin, but we were not allowed to use them. Of course we were not allowed to get them. You are right. They are trying to get rid of us. Bill Gates even said that he wants to reduce the population by about 1/3. What better way than to start a virus and then tell us we cannot take the cure.

    2. I heard this when it was 21 athletes now it is over 100, when is enough enough. Stop the killer shots!!! ALL OF THEM!! We never needed a vaccine, we have Ivermectin and HCQ!! We do not need this killing shot and do not want it!!! Take it yourself even though you are exempt, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, CDC, FDA, none of them have to take the shots they are peddling onus!!

  2. i thought they intended this just to kill elderly and keep young from having kids, now young healthy people dying .if it was anyone i knew id kill a whole bunch of people myself starting with media propaganda scumbags


      That’s all
      That’s it

      Looks like ( once again) the left cheats to “win”

      1. Homeostasis dictionaryI definition “the tendency of a system, especially the physiological system of higher animals, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that would tend to disturb its normal condition or function.”

        In the battle of man vs. nature’s built-in safeguards, guess who wins?

      2. My favorite new thing is the anti- heart attack medicine they’ve added to the 5-11 yr. olds vaccine cocktail! Insane

        C’mon…….. we’re talking CHILDREN here!

        1. I hope parents don’t get the kids vaxed . Wake up Moms and Dads do the research and start using your brains don’t listen to these idiots . They want born here Americans gone because we’re not as easy to manipulate . Why do you think all the ones coming across our border don’t have to get the vax ? Because they will become the New Americans and will definitely be a lot easier to manipulate. The dems want to rule without any pushback from anyone . These people never knew real freedom so they will do what they are told ,end of story . Think about it.

        1. Dennis,
          Thank you. The way I’ve felt for years. The GOP keeps soliciting me for $ , but first they have to acquire some testicles and actually stand up and fight and take care of our grievances.

          Oh…………forgot, they just let the Dems run rampant upon them with no recourse. The RINO republicans are more distasteful than any democrat in my opinion,
          Get rid of that faction, stand up for our cause, and MAYBE, GOP, I’ll fund you again. Maybe

          Until the republicans get off of their asses and make some kind of splash here… no money

          1. I send email to all the ones asking for money. when you get rid of the rinos, we will talk. why should I send my money to WINRED, who lets the rinos dip in, then vote the demon rat agenda. and during the election, er, SELECTION of 2020, I did donate to my President Trump. imagine my surprise when month after month of donations appeared on my bank statement. they just kept dipping every damn month. nope, will never give to that organization again. ever. I donate direct to the candidate now. no more PAC’s. and to add to the rhetoric, the NEW AMERICANS are given $800.00 for EACH “family”. by NATO. why? and then they are given another $2,500.00 relocation money in the states. free bus ticket anywhere. if they have family here, all they have to do is provide a phone number and they are gold. never have to report to ICE. EVER. it is a terrorists wet dream. again, thanks, bribem. at least Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has the right idea. he budgeted 8 million dollars to bus these roaches to Delaware and Marthas vineyard when they are secretly flown in here in the dead of night. Sarasota County Sheriffs department is currently putting up some 40 afghani’s in a local hotel. why???? glad I dont pay taxes to that county. I won’t support those people. you can’t tell who is and isn’t a terrorist. maybe they ALL are?

      3. I kind of think it’s economics. Yes, I’m 69 and am receiving my SS for which I paid in over 45 years. But put us out of the picture, and you gain our benefits, both from SS and Medicare and our “OLD PEOPLE” heath benefits go back to fund the FED

      4. Exactly right. They have 2 bottles of the “vaccine” ready when people get their shot. One has a blue label for the elites and Democrats and the other has a red label for all the people that actually contribute to society.

    2. The “media scumbags” have to be held accountable. You already see the majority stockholder at CNN demanding that the network return to real journalism. The type it presented in the beginning. The problem for these people is that ratings mean money. Lies sell. Look how rich rags like the National Enquirer became selling nothing but. bullshit. IF these so called “News” people were telling the truth they would all be saying the same damned thing. That does not sell. And there would be NO NEED for so many of them.

    3. Yup Ralph,
      Me n you thinkin along the same lines. i been sayin for a few years now that this “media”( all of em big tech, hollyweird, print, tv) is public ENEMY #1 & they have conspired with radical government to destroy America & so goes the planet to NEW WORLD ORDER. We must attack these Bastards with all we have no mercy, they certainly have not held back, so i say F. Em they all gotta go…

    4. Yes my husband and I are 71&70 respectively! We have both been near family and friends that have survive Covid! One of them even had the shot and the booster and contracted Covid again! What does that tell you about the vaccine? Neither my husband or I have contracted Covid! The vaccine is the killer and our senile President and the leftists/ socialists are pushing it on the general population!

  3. The CDC could start naming variants, with human names, just like the Weather Service names hurricanes and tropical storms. There will be new “vaccines” with each new variant. We will need jabs for the Debbie Variant, or the Dave Variant. This can go on forever. It’s the grift that keeps on giving.

    1. The Fauci variant …… the Pelosi variant, the Kameltoe variant. Great idea Daniel!!
      Name the variants after the murderers of our time!!

    2. did you know that there is NO TEST to determine which variant you have? yes, there is only two answers. yes you have the original covid , or no you dont. the lying pResident in the Whitehouse just lied on national t.v. to tell the sheeple that there is a test now you can do at home. BIG LIE. according to scientists, there is NO HOME TEST KIT EVEN MADE YET. and how can they say with a straight face that the MORONIC (OMICRON) variety is here or who has it? they cant differentiate the strains. all lies to make 2022 midterms the same as the 2020 disaster. MAIL IN YOUR VOTES SHEEPLE, OR YOU WILL DIE OF MORONIC, DELTA, ETC. ALL BULL SCHIFF TO AFFORD THE DEMON RATS THE OPPORTUNITY TO STACK THE BALLOTS FOR THE DEMON RAT PARTY. TO TRUCK IN LOADS OF ILLEGITIMATE BALLOTS THAT SOME THUG FILLED OUT IN HIS BASEMENT, OR NURSING HOME RESIDENTS TOO FAR MENTALLY GONE TO SIGN OR EVEN THINK ABOUT VOTING. its coming folks. brace yourselves for another selection year.

    1. That’s because they are sheep and like the Jewish people during WW II will follow whatever the leader tells them. I can’t believe the American people are so stupid they can’t think for themselves anymore.

    1. Yes, you are right about the damn shots are KILLING people , but the mainstream media saying the opposite. That is the sad news though.

    2. Yes it is, cannot trust the media reporting the truth about the vaccine. The media refuses to report the new spike in covid cases are the vaccinated not the unvaccinated like they want everyone to believe. That spike protein in the vax attaches itself to major organs and will kill you. Just wait to next year.

      1. Your on to them Wayne,
        These Bastards are trying to wipe out hundreds of millions of “USELESS FEEDERS”. Im not sure
        how they are gonna hide all the dead & the fact that they all started to pop up post vaccine???
        The whole thing goes to shit once they get theyre needles in the Childrens arms. When the kids start dropping w/heart problems they will blame it on a New Varient that targets Children. The Evil Media will sell it…

      2. did you know that the spike in covid was engineered to MUTATE when attacked by a vaccine? the vaxxed are walking Petri dishes, passing out variants as they go. this covid will never end until they vaccines are stopped, as well as the boosters. J and J has been banned in European countries, and the cdc here says dont take it. bill gates is being sued in India for his vaccine he produced and distributed there. seems it killed a very prominent doctor, and now the Indian government has pulled it and filed suit. I hope they extradite him and he rots in their prisons. no such luck, tho. the billionaire will pay his way out of it, you can be sure. to verify my statement, google Dr. Peter McCollough, or Dr. Ryan Cole. Dr. Cole is a pathologist who autopsies people who died from the shot. Dr. McCollough is a virologist who has devoted his studies to the covid disease. both are very knowledgeable.

    1. If you think those two are the only ones getting cuts from it believe me when I tell you that its happening inside goverments across the board.. Trudeau in Canada in Britian its Boris etc… The worlds governments are almost all in on it.. This is way bigger than anyone can imagine.. Keep on researching because there is more, in America Trump is getting cutbacks.. He got involved when everyone wanted a Jab near the start of it all.. Its out in the media, its just not in the media that people are watching on tv..

  4. STAND up like a patriot , Tell all Like a Patriot , Do NOt Comply with the left agendas , biden the idiot and leftest lies
    if you dont you too will fail , be in poverty , be overthrown , the invasion will take , steal, leave yu in the street homeless

    get a clue , wake up , get pro active to stop the madness at the so called capital which there is no pres.

    the loonies are at work to steal , take , leave you homeless

    1. How many have to die, before we take a stand, become willing to lose friends and family members in our lives by screaming out the truth. Study the science and verify facts before you speak, so you can be fact checked with success. But then speak what you know to all the unvaccinated people that will listen, it is too late for the vaccinated, so no need to scare them. We must speak, be willing to be ridiculed or worse. This is our country to save, and it cannot be done with everyone weakened, and dying. WAKE UP AND STAND UP!

  5. My body, my choice works for abortionists but not for forced vax for virus. Something is up and they don’t care about our health when there are too many people to sustain the planet.

    49 YEARS OLD!

  7. Why do you think Bill Gates and Tony Fauci are pushing the shots? Oh $$$$$$$$$$$ they get a cut off of each shot!!! Somehow another are buffoon President probably gets a cut also! Lol

  8. These shots are pure poison, and all the manufacturers, and drs know it and are covering it up. Healthy people just don’t die,but healthy people who got the jab did die. This is pure insanity, and genecide on the people, just like in china. We will never get the truth until hidenbiden and fraudci are removed fro

    1. Need to round up that bafoon Biden and Faucci and inject them until they die. They don’t care about America anymore! So sad this country is going to hell so fast. I know of plenty of doctors and nurses who did not take the vaccine because they see what it does to people. More people need to stand up , we are strong in numbers!

    2. Hi Joe …and everybody. Hey, it’s sunday morning,
      My daughter just called me and informed me her best friend died on the 2nd from vaccine related issues. This poor kid 34 yrs old was in perfect health right up until 2 days after her jab.

      THIS WHOLE IDEA REEKS OF THE WWII HOLOCAUST. It’s the same thing with different protocol.

      Visualize a Hitler moustache on Bill Gates, you get the idea

      The vaccinated are starting to show evidence of vax related injuries (and deaths) by the tens of thousands, soon to be millions I suspect. Stand Firm.

  9. To Ralph’s 12/3 comment: we should not respond in kind as killing in defense is a last resort, always.

    To Eagle’s 12/3 comment: our bodies, our choices, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Until government changes the rules. But our planet can sustain many more people if only the avarice of some stops outweighing the actual needs of the many -a variation of Mr Spock’s somewhat misconstrued mantra. Communism tried this (or so the oligarchs say), but it is compassion and generosity that need to win the day, not political ideologies.

  10. How dose the Vaccine pick what person to infect…? My Mother who is 96 had both shots and she has a pace maker…Do they do this by picking out so many people at a time or what…???????? or will they have something go wrong in a few years..? I don’t know what to believe anymore…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lynn, believe this …… if main stream media endorses it, probably a good idea to just not listen. Their lies are really more of a detriment to this nation than those we’ve elected.

      What a world, yeah?!!

    2. when did your mother get the vax? prior to the shutdown of the vaccines for two weeks in February of 2021? I am convinced that the shutdown was to add something to the vax to make it more potent. maybe the pacemaker is keeping her heart going? the vax leaves the arm within two weeks of the shot, and travels to body organs. the majority of the so-called vaccine settles in one. chosen at random, I guess. in the lungs, you die of asphyxia, the kidneys, kidney failure, the ovaries, you hemorrhage, or become sterile if. you are of childbearing age. the testes, same thing. it all depends on where the spike settles. you dont know how long it will take to kill you. that is why FEMA has millions of plastic coffins at their facilities around the country. google it and see. I hate to say it but your mother may be fine now, but when the spike is done, that will be another story. I forgot to mention that the spike settles in the brain also. see Dr. Ryan Cole’s presentation of what your organs look like upon your death from this shot. google him. google Dr. Peter McCollough also. both are experts. they can answer your questions. for your information, my mother in law is 94m, got the shot, and now cant play golf several times a week as she did prior to the shot. never sick a day in her life. used to walk her trailer park for miles daily. now cant. it is just a matter of time with each individual.

  11. The Media is bought and paid for by the evil bastards like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, big Pharma, and others that want the Great Reset. It will never work because the Chinese nor the Russians want a world run by these people. In the meantime, they are happily killing people with their ‘vaccine’.

  12. I can’t believe all the garbage people are posting about the Covid 19 vaccines. This all leads back to Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories when he was still President. BUT he got vaccinated, so he doesn’t believe his own therioes. We will never get rid of this virus as long as these nuts keep spreading their lies.

    1. nuts are the ones who rushed like sheeple at the direction of the pResident currently residing in the whitehouse. you apparently have your head in the sand. go to cdc vaers report. see the adverse reactions that the doctors who are dealing with this mess. you are one who thinks cnn, msnbc, etc are telling you the truth. wake up. explain to me why healthy athletes are dropping dead? why doctors are dropping dead in e.r.’s while treating patients. why children need this death shot when they have a 99.999% recovery rate? more are dead from the vax than the covid itself. if you can do this, please start. the vaccine was ENGINEERED TO MUTATE WHEN ATTACKED BY A VACCINE. proven fact. see dr. Ryan Cole and dr Peter mc collough. experts in their fields. you vaxxed morons are spreading it to everyone. you “dont believe the garbage people are posting about the vaccine”, but you sit in rapt attention as the media schiffs you about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. why are the vaxxed dying faster than the unvaxxed??????? please explain that to the scientists who actually practice scientific procedures. I’ll wait.

  13. 108 of the healthiest young professional athletes in the world suddenly dropped dead in one season from the covid 19 vax, and that mentioning the deaths of young children who have died under the Biden vax that he sent around the world. And these asinine morons are still calling for more deaths by pushing that more people need to get these death shots.

    Come on people the information is not that hard to find and the drug industries want their findings not to be shown till the year 2077 before we can see the damage and the death rate that this drug has caused

    As for myself, I will not take the Biden death shot, I have been healthy since day one and I am out around people most so-called covid has only been the Flu. These shots are deadlier than the symptoms depending on your body chemistry. Over the years how many people have died from the flu? Thousands of people had. This scare is a communist plot to dictate and controls the people by removing our individual rights. That is the New World Order of the Communists in the Whitehouse and congress aka Communistic democrtas.

  14. This is the “new world order”, “great reset” POPULATION CONTROL “death JAB” that will depopulate this country and the WORLD just as the “elites” want. Apparently FRAUDULENTLY “deep state” “elected”, china-bought, and owned “PUPPET”,dementia-Joe wants all of our Military personnel sickened, and DYING from the experimental spike protein “JAB”,, so his communist chinese “handlers” can take over this country and INVADE, after wiping out as many soldiers, and support people as he can. These ALTERED “JABS” are PROVEN to be KILLING people faster than the CCP/DNC/ soros/”dr” flip-flop fauci, financed, developed, and “distributed” wuhan control-us virus, which in MY opinion was the “plan” all along for worldwide “depopulation”, and to panic the controlled , terrified, brainwashed, “sheeples” into rolling up their sleeves and “participating” in the “great reset” depopulation scheme. Wake up people..This is GENOCIDE. These “variants” are CAUSED and PROVEN to being SPREAD by the “vaccinated”.This is the “new world order”, “great reset” CCP, as well as the CABAL “elite” FUNDED, DEVELOPED and “DISTRIBUTED” depopulation agenda at work. PANIC and FEAR are their weapons. Stop being controlled SHEEP that are being led to the slaughter by “complying”, and getting these “death jabs”. DO YOU OWN RESERCH. Look around at what is going on in other countries. MANY are BANNING these “JABS”, while the country of Germany (under Hitler’s relation), is FORCING the citizens to get these “DEATH JABS”. Here in the U.S. , the “ALLOWED” INVADING ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT being “jabbed”, OR “tested”. These people are waiting in the wings for you “jabbed” sheep to expire from the “side-effects”, so they can take over YOUR jobs, YOUR homes, as you begin to DIE, They are the next “plantation residents” (SLAVES) that “big business” and the “government” will be easier to CONTROL, as well as pay less than you. THINK ABOUT IT as you, and your children are forced to get the “jabs”.

    Since the “vaccine” has been rolled out to the public, the reports that have been made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) have totaled over 913,000 and that’s just what has been reported, so the total number is still unknown. According to VAERS data, out of the 913,000, there have been:
    19,249 deaths
    143,276 doctor related visits after taking the shot
    101,372 have ended up in urgent care
    97,561 hospitalizations
    8,232 cases of anaphylaxis
    3,071 miscarriages
    9,546 heart attacks
    11,437 cases of Bell’s Palsy
    14,428 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis
    34,189 cases of severe allergic reactions
    10,643 cases of shingles
    4,512 cases of thrombocytopenia/low platelet
    21,583 cases have been life threatening
    30,967 have been left permanently disabled

    This is how I look at it…. the “TRANSGENDERED” can “IDENTIFY” as a sex they are not or ever will be REGARDLESS OF CHANGE… I will do the same… “I IDENTIFY AS TRANS-VAXXED!”

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