New, Creative Ways to Identify Trump Supporters

Well, this meme was inevitable after so many prominent leftists started calling for some sort of way to publicly identify Trump supporters. How about a yellow star patch that we’re forced to wear on our arms, Lincoln Project?

Sadly, we’re already hearing reports of people who worked for the Trump campaign being fired from their new jobs. Dawson Buchanan, for example, just got a job at a company called Private Jet Services this month.

When the National Hockey League (NHL) learned that Buchanan had worked for the Trump 2020 campaign, they threatened to cancel their contract with PJS unless Buchanan was fired. So, he’s out of a job now.

This isn’t going to stop any time soon.

And it’s only going to get worse from here unless we all push back. If we don’t, it will soon be impossible for known Trump supporters to open a bank account. It’s also getting increasingly hard for Trump supporters to find legal representation when they are persecuted. (Just ask the Parler guys.)

This Nazi-like persecution of Trump backers is pretty much unprecedented in American history. We were treated like Nazis and called Nazis for four years, and now look who’s doing all of the Nazi-ing.

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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55 thoughts on “New, Creative Ways to Identify Trump Supporters”

  1. Their hate is real I live in California since day one 2007 I moved in they being terrorizing us all. Seems that our gov own basically all stores and mobile home parks so living in peace ain’t here. Freedom is their enemy. They love illegal aliens and anyone who is not an American citizen. I will soon be on the street they don’t give a damn about none of us. I have already told them just to light a match they hate me so much.

  2. No more law. DEMS are the ones .that should be A nut house.not a mental ward.A REAL NUT HOUSE. This is AMERICA!! Not a hole in the ground.

    1. Give them a chance…. they are trying but you know how it is with this White Privileged Elites….. 25 yrs ago… I started to hear this…. my pushback…. how Nazi Germany got started…

  3. Can’t wait to see their expressions of disbelief when someone sits down with a book and crayons and can explain to all the liberal snowflakes that when Biden takes the Trump tax cuts away, he just broke the first of his many many lies about not raising taxes on middle and lower class tax payers.

    1. Pennsylvania is in for a big hit. Just read that “day one” Boden will stop the Keystone project. That was one of Trumps projects that helped make America energy free and from dependence on foreign energy. 1/20/2121 will be Obama 102.

  4. To all those who thinking banning trump is so funny. But think about it. They can ban a president. Like him or not anyone of you are next. Say anything wrong and you may lose eveything. Disban the biden gang now before totally too late. What is going on is the first stage of communizum. If govt does not stand up for you no one will be able too. I doubt that even the govt. Could shut down the twits and facistbook. For you to want to give these dictators your info and be on these sites now seems unamerican at this point. Stop it by not substribing to it.

          1. President of Mexico isn’t happy about Facebook and Twitter. He has called other international leaders about the possibility that it can happen anywhere.

    1. I have been unable to cancel my fb & twittle dumb accts. As a old dinosaur who isn’t tech savy, do you have any insights that could help me deplatform/close my accounts?? Thanks , Joe

      1. So glad I never saw the lure of social media. To you out there that can’t unsubscribe from your twitter or Facebook accounts, I don’t know the answer. All I do know is when FB became a “thing”, everyone I know jumped on the bandwagon. You gotta join Facebook….”are you on Facebook?”, the questions and statements can at me fast and furiously. I was at my 40th high school reunion and getting hammered by all to “ join up”. My reply….
        “Here’s my phone number, I’d love to hear from and or talk to you anytime.”
        Funny thing was, that worked for a select few. As we all know, just talking on the phone these days sometimes takes a text message reservation to honor the upcoming phone call!!

        Wasn’t it great when you just called someone out of the blue and made their day?! Guess those days are gone too.
        Anyhow, those who want to talk have my phone number…. I like it that way

        1. AGREE!!! Don’t see it either Jonny!! Don’t have ANY Anti-social censored media accounts either! If I wanted to keep in touch w/someone in high school, I did. Facist-Book my butt!

        2. Yahoo is the only contact I have. No FB, TWIT etc. Google refused to work with the U.S. military but worked for China.

      2. Yesterday, 1/18/21, I closed my account with FB. Left them in the dust, and will never go back. Now, I was not a
        FB problem person, but I don’t like to be affiliated with people or a company that can offer accounts to people who want and expect to be able to speak their minds, then suddenly decide that those persons are no longer good enough to remain customers. This has been a country of free speech for well over 200 years, and that freedom was granted by men who were born in America (before it was the United States), and many fought for those freedoms way back then. People from all over the world go to drastic means to get into this country. Some wait years, others find an illegal way to cross the border. Does that sound like this is a bad place to live ?? Always remember, you have a God given right, determined by our Founding Fathers, to speak your feelings freely. The USA just asks that you don’t hurt others with untruths or viciousness.

  5. How did our country get so far off track? We were the country that brought freedom to many other countries when they had dictators for leaders. When the people were oppressed, arrested or even killed because of their beliefs. We are becoming one of those countries. How did this happen? The Left wants everyone to think their way. The last time I looked, the constitution allows everyone to have their own opinion. We must be in ” the end times” because there is more hate in the world than love. How sad.

    1. We arrived at this shameful place and time bc the DemonRats had an agenda. Once obummer was in office they proceeded to destroy our country. They didn’t count on President Trump. The day he won the election their plan went into action.
      Hypothesis: how to control a population and destroy democracy.
      Answer (?). Let a virus loose that has no cure?
      And now that the DemonRats are in power they will NEVER RELINQUISH IT.
      Hope all the idjits who “ voted” for the evil that’s now controlling our government, are happy.

      1. Amen…. I’ll bet the demonRats help release that virus. The rats are so inside China,I’ll bet they planned it all…

        1. Dude, have U not heard them call it – PLANDEMIC from day one?!? And the Media is the Virus!!! Defund the Media!!

    2. Because alot of the GUTLESS Republicans and all the RINOS never fought back and just ALLOWED the RADICAL dems to keep CONTROLLING the agenda . Conservatives and President Trump supporters , in 2022 , need to VOTE OUT these wimps and re-build the Party with GOOD , STRONG Conservatives that will FIGHT BACK and also believe in AMERICA FIRST .

    3. They have been chipping away for years deleting civics and economics from school. Pushing America is a racist country. My twin grandsons are half black. I have Asian, Arab and hispanic relatives. I even have white relatives. We are not a racist country and parent’s need to step up and help their kids learn the true meaning of being an American before we wind up Chinese.

    4. People make fun of that “the end times”. I am a Christian and it is amazing the prophecies that are coming true. There are seven prophecies about Israel. 5 have already happened, 4 in the last hundred years with the last 2 being “nations will rise against Israel, God will destroy all nations that rise against Israel”. It says things about odd happenings in the skies. A few months back there was an article about earthquakes on the moon. If that wasn’t weird not to long ago the it came out that U.S. Navy had spotted UFOs or “planes” that moved faster than any plane on earth.

  6. Sorry Joe dead voters and ghost voters can’t make to your inauguration bet you never figured on that…maybe they would rather rest in peace then witness a peaceful transfer of power…. for myself would not have wanted to piss off so many dead….. one can only hope they were all democrats….

    1. Looks like there’ll be 20,000 Nat’l Guard at Brain Dead’s inauguration.

      Good thing they called them all in…… supposing someone has to be there in person to see this travesty unfold. God knows he couldn’t bring 50 people to his campaign speeches. Remember the after speech automobile parade that had 3 cars in the procession?…… and he wasn’t even the person speaking!!!!!, it was his wife “doctor” Jill and Cum’allyas Hubby taking the reigns on that one
      Welcome to Hell America.

      1. With the idiot not even campaigning he won/stole the election. Trump rallies showed that most of America was behind him all the way. If that isn’t proof that the election was a big fraud nothing will. With all the “great judges” judging by feelings and party is the reason the country in going down the toilet.

      2. No National Guard, Regular Army. Air Force too. All illegal on home ground. Look for a fake pitched battle between troops and fake rioters as an excuse to jail and disappear Trump supporters all over the country.

      1. If God is in control he picked some real corrupt SOB’s to take charge of America.
        The democrats now are in charge of most every aspect of our government. They are under the control of a powerful group of people such as George Soros. The facts are that they corrupted our voting system to gain control , and now are in position to stay there. As time goes by we will be subjected to the loss of more and more of our individual freedoms. Our votes are now just pieces of paper that mean nothing. If you are a patriot who believed in our Constitutional Republic then the news is that we LOST. Not just an election, we lost our country. There will not be any easy or non painful way to get it back. The ruthlessness in which it was stolen will have to be overcome to have any chance . Those who established this nation ,risked all to achieve what we had. Nothing short of that will bring it back.

        1. Biden will be impeached on his first day in office. Will you join, or just sit on your dead ass and whine? Get with the program, or learn to speak Chinese.

  7. I read an article that predicted this would happen about 20 years ago. Whenever I mentioned the article I was told it was a conspiracy theory. Looks like some of the “conspiracy theories” are the truth!

    1. My husband has been a student of politics for 50 years and he has been predicting a lot of what I see happening right now and none of it is good . Hope the Trump haters are happy , they will be sucked into the same abyss as the rest of us . The anti-American politicians & all the vile celebrities with all the money will also be sucked into the same void , remember, only ONE can rule! .

  8. I get the Meme but in actuality & historically the patch would be a colored triangle. There are those who won’t get the Meme anyway.

  9. The U.S Capitol/capital is shut down for the inauguration of a new president and many (most?) state Capitols are also shut down and have National Guard protection against the “radical, racist Trump supporters” who are EXPECTED TO RIOT! I only wish my voice were IMPORTANT enough, LOUD enough to say to anybody who is planning to assemble to show their support for Presidant Trump, STAY HOME! There will be agitators sent to infiltrate any peaceful protesters and cause mayhem to make the groupand the President look bad. And, for me, IT WOULD BE A HUGE LAUGH when all the “war protection” was overblown and completely unnecessary. SILENCE can speak just as loudly as any other sign of support. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!


      1. There’s no possible about it. Even if we don’t show up, a show will be staged to implicate Trump supporters as gun nut radicals. If you’re on the right and don’t realize this you’re dumb as a Democrat. Despite the law that Army troops cannot be used in the Continental States for law enforcement purposes there are right now more troops in D.C. than in Afghanistan. The planned dog and pony show will be “Trump supporters attempt to kill everyone at Biden inauguration” except there won’t be any Trump supporters there. It’s a show, fake all the way, as an excuse to round up Trump supporters all over the country. If you don’t already know how Communism works, you’re about to find out.

    2. Did you remember that at the Trump inauguration windows were broke, cars set on fire, people attacked by Antifa types and just recently 129 were excused? Did you know that a lot of the rioters at the capitol were Antifas or BLMs. Something called (I think) face recognition is helping with identification. Want to bet these DNC thugs will not even go to court.

  10. #SenileBeijingJoe not my President…he’s the incoming Imbecile-in-Chief.
    #MattressHarris (aka Headboard Harris aka Heels Up Harris) is not my VP…Willie Brown’s favorite bed partner.
    Democratic Party IS the KKK Party & IS the Plantation Party…WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA! To quote one of senile Beijing Joe’s gaffes, “…you’ll be in chains where you belong!”
    Senile Beijing Joe & the Ho administration will represent the Executive Branch of the government in the next 4 years.

  11. Have you noticed how this is coming back as in the 1930’s by Nazi Germany. George Soro’s worked for the Nazi.
    America you really messed up when no one would look and evaluate the past 11-3-20 election.
    Trump tried and all of the Rinos and Commicrats out talked the Republicans.

    Communism and socialism been here for many years. You are responsible for letting it happen.

    1. Soros appeared on 2020 or 60 minutes(?) and admitted it. Well Hitler was a globalist. Look at all of the high and mighty globalists we now have in America.

  12. Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; english language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama hold overs & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting

    1. All very respectable thoughts but how does any of that come to fruitation with our now communist government in place ? A year from now you very well may end up in re-education camp for those words.

  13. If these clusterfuck Dummycrats say Trump is a racist, they need to see all of senile Beijing Joe’s racial slurs along with the eulogy speech he gave for one of his best friends, KKK’s grand member, Robert Byrd, a Democrat senator from WVA who passed away in 2010.
    Check out YouTube…senile Beijing Joe is 10 times more racist than Trump but the Plantation/KKK Party (aka Democratic Party) don’t want to admit it

  14. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous to laugh quietly at the fools who bought the “our democracy” chant from communist subversives like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, A.O. Cortez, Mao Sanders, etc and voted for the most plastic politician in DC. The true face of the Democrat Party, with able assistance from their country club pals in the Republican Party, is now revealed for its true character…division, isolation, confinement, torture and murder. The Trotskyites will face a sad reality when they run out of other people’s money, other people’s lives and dependable allies. There is no honor among thieves and murderers.

  15. I am not hard to be identified as a TRUMPER i wear a trump mask, have a trump flag in my yard, trump decals on my truck,and i tell all who wants to listen the evils that are being taken to take our freedoms away. Also let me be honest to all, i shall tolerate your right of free speech and all your other liberties, but a forewarning to all that they think i shall run if you accost me, Bad thinking.I love AMERICA and have given blood for this great nation,and i shall definitely shed blood again if my freedoms are tried to be taken from me. I do not condone violence, but again i do not turn and run away from anyone that threatens my country,my flag,my family,and my FREEDOMS.So all who shall take their right and liberties for granted, welcome to the BIG BOYS AND WOMENS WORLD. As for your MICKEY MOUSE FEELINGS, get ready to have those feelings hurt. Screw all this cancel culture crap and watch what you say because you may hurt someones fragile feelings.FREEDOM IS NOT FREE>Everything has a price especially freedom,and many a brave man and woman has given the supreme price(DEATH) so that americans can remain free.So please treat others as you would like to be treated.SEMPER FI GOD BLESS AMERICA

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